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Why us?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Hijama for Sisters as your primary Hijama/Cupping and Sunnah and alternative medicine providers:

Decisions and sessions that sustain and enhance clients dignity and welfare.

Relationships between therapists and clients promote continuity of care and support client self-care and wellness.

Hijama for Sisters outreach includes efforts expand and support awareness for symptoms and cures related to Hijama.

We recognize and appreciate each individual’s contributions to achieving the our mission and to creating a rewarding and pleasant experience.

Our Skills

Each of our therapists have been trained to maintain high standards of quality and hygiene. Ensuring that they are up to date with knowledge in the theological and medical fields, creating a comfortable and professional environment for our clients.

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About Us

We are a collective of sisters who perform Hijama/Cupping. We practice methods in accordance to the Qur’aan and Sunnah for female only clients for various medical and spiritual conditions.

We have fully trained and experienced sisters who have a passion for the sunnah, and implement the best quality and hygienic standards. Get in touch with us for more information at info@hijamaforsisters.com.

Our Therapists

Umm Maryam Hijama Therapist

Hijama Therapist

Umm Ishaq Hijama Therapist

Hijama Therapist

Umm Eesa Hijama Therapist

Hijamah Therapist

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